Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Graphic Novel

Pretty much everyone who has scene our storyboards for the film has said "That's sweet. You guys should turn that into a comic book or something." So, we are creating four graphic novels adapted from our screenplay and storyboards. Our storyboard artist actually is a letterer for DC comics (she should be drawing her own book if you ask me) and will be blogging on our website in the look for that.

Anyway, here is a potential cover for the first of four Death and Cremation books. The artist for this cover lives in Canada (Eshwin Dhir...he's the man) and I hope will be doing all four covers. He has incredible stuff to check out on
and too. I'll be putting up our storyboard art (different artist then above) with camera direction and all in upcoming blogs too.



  1. Yes, the storyboards are sick. Boom.

  2. Wow, seeing my work up here is exciting!

  3. It's awe-inspiring stuff! He is very talented! Wow if this a potential cover, it will very difficult to decide from the others.

  4. The next challenge is to finding a location for the film to do this rendition justice. Nice work done here.