Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alecc B. on "Death & Cremation" - Part 1

Where to begin? This whole process has been pretty crazy. Justin called me in 2007 during the fall to ask me if I had any script ideas for a low budget horror movie that we can write and sell. I had an idea for a dark horror/comedy that I told him about and he liked it quite a bit. So we began writing.

Now, I lived in Florida at the time, so all of the development and writing for Death & Cremation was done via phone conversations and e-mails. After we discussed the original premise, Justin ran with it. The story is completely different now and it's for the better. What was once a comedy has now become a dark drama, and I dig that shit.

Justin wrote the bigger chunk of the script and would send it to me from time to time when he would get stuck and I would take over for a little bit. That was our dynamic, and it worked out very well. We have received nothing but positive feedback from those who have read D & C.  I don't know about you guys, but when people praise something I've worked on, the confidence raises a notch. It makes me better at what I do. It feels like Justin and I are on the right track. 

After we had completed the script, Justin informed me that we weren't just going to pawn off D & C and that he was going to direct it. The journey truly began then. 

More to come....

- Alecc B. 


  1. Hear what you're saying about praise motivating you to be better. It's a good script, very cool to hear your thoughts on its development.

  2. Love the drawings. They are phenomenal.