Monday, May 4, 2009

Blogging on Blogging

Well, here it is...I'm blogging.

Throughout the coming months I'm going to put out a few blogs on the process of making a low budget Indie entitled Death and Cremation. It's a dark comedy/thriller that most people describe as Dexter (on Showtime) meets Karate Kid (yes, Daniel son). If that intrigues you, check out the synopsis below.

The screenplay takes place in a typical American suburb where a lonely 59-year-old (Stan) pretends to contribute to society by offering cremation services from his basement, when in fact he is murdering neighbors he thinks are morally unfit. When a bullied 16-year-old high school outcast (Jarod) lands an after school job in Stan’s Cremation House, the two develop an unusual working relationship. As a middle-aged detective (Matt) in search of an exciting case puts the clues of their murders together, Stan discovers protecting Jarod is a new cause worth killing for.

It'll be the feel good film of the year...sort of. Casting now. More to come in future blogs.


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