Friday, May 15, 2009

Alecc B. on "Death & Cremation" - Part 2

Living in L.A. can be tough when you want to break into the film industry. To make ends meet, most of us work in reality television. While less fulfilling creatively, for some of us anyway, it pays the bills. Most of the work that has been done on Death & Cremation happened while I was working elsewhere, so past co-writing the screenplay, I missed a lot of the prep work on it. 

However, there were times that Justin and Ross held auditions on the weekend, which was lovely because I was able to go and help out. I read with the actors/actresses and it was actually quite draining, but a very good time. 

I have to say, when women come to audition, they come to audition. A lot of the guys come in and are always hit with this same question from us: Do you have any questions? 80% of them respond with, "No, I think I got it" or "Nope, it's pretty straightforward". Needless to say, the ones who said that weren't that great. Women, on the other hand, mean business. They have questions, multiple interpretations of the character they're auditioning for, etc. It was great! I'm not saying all of the guys weren't good, just that the women stood out during this particular casting process.

You get your method actors, like the guy who read a scene for us that takes place in bed and literally went through his entire audition while laying his head on the table. You also get your seasoned talent that have been doing this for a long time and knock it out of the park. Sometimes, you get that fresh, raw actress that blows you away in the audition and even more so when watching the playback. 

Yeah, casting was plenty-o-fun!

More to come....

- Alecc B.

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