Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photo Gallery: Jeremy Sumpter

Photo's by Monica Lee.


  1. I can't say he falls under the emo category because it doesn't appear Jeremy's character is depressed. Although he is described to be bullied by others, I doubt he's the type to sit at home and pout. I can't say he's all goth, but I'm swaying to this side mostly. But his atire describes what a goth lifestyle is - all black: eyeliner, black shirts, pants, and black hair. Can't wait for this movie to come out! Thanks for all the updates.

  2. Interesting observation. There are no formal definitions for scene...yet, however. Interested in hearing input from others as well. Anyone? Thanks for the insight.

  3. i would personally say emo, due to the skinny jeans, eyeliner, dark clothing, moody expression lol. i don't think he is goth due to the fact they are more chains, baggy trousers, more extreme makeup and long hair etc... (well thts in uk lol). we also have greb over here which is inbetween emo and goth but i would still say emo.
    i am so excited about this film being released, i am a huge fan of jeremy and films.
    thanks for all the updates and pictures. i love it when you can follow a film from filming to screen thanks again

  4. D&C finishing QC this month. Will be shopped at Canne, France next month for foreign markets. Thanks for everyone's patience. Still no release date yet, obviously though.