Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cinematographer - Akis Konstantakopoulos & RED ONE

The RED ONE was used to shoot D&C. You can learn more about the camera at http://www.red.com/cameras/

Shown is one of the two RED's D&C had for filming. Akis shot for the A unit and Simon Baechler was the B unit cinematographer.
If you are wondering what is so revolutionary about RED, there's a fairly simple reason for that: this is the first digital video camera that has a resolution comparable to 35 mm film, with great color range. At its core, the camera uses a Mysterium CMOS sensor: The physical resolution of this monster is 4900 x 2580 pixels, for a total of 12.64 million pixels.

Photo by Monica Lee. MonicaLeePhoto@live.com

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