Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Ross, and I'm working on the film too, helping to put together the right parts so we're ready to go in a month from now. This is my turn on the blogozone.

Prepping a film is not that hard. You just have to be organized and ready for whatever comes your way, taking into account what the budget is and how the schedule will be a factor in all decisions that you make between now and the end of prep as well as the end of the shoot by estimating the key elements at work including cast, crew, locations, bank fees, rehearsals, special effects, hard drive space, foreign sales and the current state of the marketplace, on set supervision, shot lists, artwork and art department personnel, computer applications, and all of the other elements that can influence a shoot like changing minds, unanswered emails, interest rates, health concerns, pet allergies, business cards and expense sheets.

True, there are other factors that could be added to the list, but there are none that will convince me that there is anything less than pure relaxation that comes from a nice two months of prep.

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  1. The producer is so modest and quiet, he's like Clark Kent when talking about his work, but like Superman when he does work!