Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dark and Foreboding? Mmmh...what lies ahead? I wonder (evil laugh).

It's been nine days since a blog, that's how busy our production crew is. I'd like to introduce myself to everyone and say thanks for joining the blog and I'm sorry so much time has passed without any updates. We'll try to stay on top of things for you. I'm Ken, Exec. Producer and partner of AJI Productions. Justin is working hard everyday, running rehearsals, taking meetings with various departments, (Art, Special FX, etc.) and scheduling to name just a few. His wife Karen, doing everything she can to assist him and help keep him sane and on task.
There are many facets to the business end of creating a feature, there's certainly enough work to go around.
I pitch in every chance I get to help lighten the load, from location scouting (Stan's home, the secluded forest dirt road above, Stan's station wagon), script revisions, acquiring extras, catering services/equipment, and providing investment opportunities that go to help meet the needs of last minute expenses.
We're looking forward to welcoming Tiago in from Belgium, Davide in from Italy, Simon in from Switzerland, and Eshwin in from Canada, later this month for their important contributions. I want to thank in advance, everyone attached to the project for their commitment to making a difference and look forward to meeting and spending some time with all of you.



  1. Thanks, Ken. I'm really excited to begin work!

  2. The progress you guys have made warms my heart like a dutch oven. I love all of the locations, very ominous. I feel like "where is my mind" by the pixies should be playing somewhere in the film. I can't wait to see the cast photos and visit the set! Great work Justin, Alecc and everyone involved!

  3. I understand that Ross is one of three producers, please, can you reveal the other's names for me?

  4. Ishai, you may know by now, but the producers are Ross Otterman, Ken Hedrick, and Andrew Sved. I am the Executive Producer and today, as you also know, we wrapped.

    Nina, yes, now the cast shall begin to be revealed and Saturday, we are going to be listed on IMDB. Congratulations again to everyone, we HAVE a Movie!

  5. And of course as you may also remember, this location in the Rowland Heights area was not used due to permits, it would have taken too long, so Malibu was used, and it was a hard day.